Himawari! #3 A Tiny, Kawai Assassination Robot!

Himawari is delighted to receive a watermelon from her grandma which she puts
in a well.

It is time for a robot competition, and the girls must try and spy on the boys’ school to see what their robot is like…but Himawari catches Azami spying for the boys’ side! She imagines Azami getting caught and tortured, whatever should she do!

We learn this episode about Azami, how she loves to collect information…sometimes really really irrelevant information! Oh dear!

Hayato is in charge of the girls’ robot design, and the girls come up with many crazy additions to the design like this! Haha!

However, it turns out this is NOT a combat competition, they must collect the Jizou statue heads which are hidden in the forest, it looks like their cumbersome machine is destined to lose! The girls do their best to search to find the statue heads first, even Momota helps!

In the middle of the confusion Boss sends out a tiny robot (it’s so cute) carrying poisoned tea for Hayato, but Himawari steps on it with the robot, hehe!

Azami is still spying for the boys, and flashing her mirror, but it turns out it is an acceptable tactic, which I found amusing and surprising!

I enjoyed watching this episode but not as much as the first two episodes! Azami doesn’t interest me as much as the other characters I guess, and robots picking up statue heads was a bit silly, what if they broke them ^^;