Himawari! #11 Yusura in a snow bunny costume. Cute!

The girls have to go on an excursion and they all fantasize about where they’d like to go, Himeji doesn’t care as long as it’s not up a mountain in the snow…and you can guess where they end up ;) Azami tries to spur them on by saying her information says there will be a delicious meal at the summit! Yusura is wearing the CUTEST bunny costume, but she is really sad :(

Before she left for the excursion she went to see Yonesawa, but Momota got all jealous and stole Yonesawa’s cucumber and scratched him!

He says he wants to see her alone, but she is always with Momoto, what should she do?

Himeji is wrapped up warm but still feels cold, so she imagines being on a hot island…and ends up throwing off many of her clothes, perhaps she has snow madness? ^_^ Anyway, I thought this was pretty funny.

Yusura is still being cute…when they are distracted Momota spots Yonesawa in the distance and grabs a cucumber to give to him, I think he feels guilty.

Yusura realizes he is lost, worries about him getting frozen in the snow, and asks a bird for help, but it hasn’t seen Momota.

We learn how Yusura saved Momota from a trap and they have been together ever since.

It is so cute!

Momota sees that a landslide will squish Yusura and Himawari and pushes them out the way, but they fall into a cave with the roof almost completely blocked so they are trapped, and Momota is injured!

Himawari climbs up with her scarf, but just as she gets to the top she falls down again, Yusura calls a mole to help them, who carries the scarf to the surface to get help!

Yonesawa bumps into Tsukiyo-hime, he has gone to be alone in the mountains since he does not think he can see Yusura. It is so sweet! He sees in the soup that she is in danger and rushes to help. A bird drops the scarf on Hayato’s head, they follow the bird to a bunny, which leads them to the cave! They do not have enough energy to move the rocks blocking it though! Himeji has to be held back from using explosives ^^;

The mole saves the day, it brings cucumber for Yonesawa and egg omelette for Hayato and they get super strength to move the rocks and save the girls. Yay!

Yonesawa, Yusura and Momota are friends again so everything is wonderful *^_^*

Loved this episode, super cute and funny!