Himawari! #10 your friends are your enemies!

It’s exam time for the girls but Shikimi is ill. When it comes to the physical she is in bad shape. The girls must be in groups of 6, so Tsukiyo-hime joins their group…she’s in their class?! They are told they must compete against each other to be the first to take one scroll to the top of the mountain! Himawari wants to give Shikimi a herb to help her, but Shikimi is defensive, Himawari leaves the herb there anyway, because she’s a kind girl ^_^

Now we see the scroll fall from hand to hand as each use evil methods to steal it! Some are attacked by a bazooka felling a tree:

Stone balls are pretty dangerous!

Pooping watermelon seeds out of your butt is an imaginative way to fight

Poor Himeji, she’s trying so hard…

Shikimi cuts tree braches to bury Yusura (hehe!):

I’m not sure about the horde of wild boars…um…but it’s bad to bump into them!

Anyway, Tsukiyo-hime sneaks in last and wins. It turns out Himawari beat all the other by one point, and because the others all got the same mark none of them were suspended. yay!

The action in this was great, the scroll stealing run was really funny to watch, I wish yusura had called some scarier animals though, ^_^ but the next episode is my favourite by far, it is so cute!