Himawari!! #1 Blue Bubblegum Boy

I was really looking forward to this episode and I felt let down because of the weird bad guy. I was hoping for proper ninja foe!

I want to know more about who these guys are and what they want!

The intro music was happy feel-good stuff and the art was cute.

Himawari still can’t fly very well…but at least she has got the hang of landing…kind of!

Who is this guy, why does he disguise himself? Is he on Himawari’s side?

Yusura is her usual cute self!

I can’t stand the bad guy, it seems he waited a long time for a specific piece of bubblegum, then some young ninja boys knocked it out of his hands and jumped up and down on it, now he bears a grudge!

It’s amazing how Tsukiyo-hime pops up everywhere to save the day, and how Himawari and Hayato always end up together ^_^

Fortunately Momota is there to save Himawari…watching him float up with a giant bubble coming out of his ass was funny!

It’s Himawari, however, who really wins, she won’t let no bubblegum freak touch her master! The ED song for this series is really cute and the artwork is lovely!

I was hoping for it to be a bit more serious than this, now the huge ship in the sky is up to something…but next episode they have broccoli/fungi growing out of their heads (?!) so I guess it’s going to have pretty silly bad guys before the real thing.

Overall Enjoyment Level: 8.5/10

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One thought on “Himawari!! #1 Blue Bubblegum Boy

  1. Ep. 3 looks like it’s going to continue in the monster-of-the-week mold, although they do seem to be putting more effort in creating scenarios.

    Also, it shows an onsen scene…with Azami. What a lucky guy…it’s worse than otoboku -_-

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