Hidamari Sketch #1

I will always like this show, but I will never love it. This is very slow to watch, but in a taking your time, relaxing way – not in an annoying way. The comedy pops up from time to time, but the thing that really made this stand out from Manabi Straight was the soundtrack, the sound effects, weird artiness and honesty. It didn’t feel like it was trying to force itself to be interesting – like the ridiculous singing, scooter action in Manabi, in fact, there is a long section where they are just sitting around the table chatting, but again I find it adorable, not dull.

I love the way the teacher walks along with squeaky noises, and the moment I think I’m getting a little bored the cute soundtrack creeps in and puts a smile on my face. I really wasn’t expecting to like this and was pleasantly surprised. The artstyle is a little odd, there are about equal times when I felt the weirdness worked and when the weirdness just looked wrong like the overused deformed shots. However, I would rather the background art was simple and worked well, than tried to give the impression of blurred detail which looks cheap. Since this is very conversation driven, I really need to see a fansub, and hope this gets picked up for the cute-slice-of-life-ness of it all.

I don’t like the character art design overall, but the little facial expressions and reactions mean that the character art isn’t really the focus or even necessary to enjoy this show. I guess I like Yuno best because she reminds me of me at that age. I want to watch this to see how they use strange composition/music combos in the future, and if the teacher cosplays in a funny animal suit for real! Failing that it’s just pleasant to listen to.

Death by kittens?!

Shoujo ai?

Loved this moment with the feather and cute sound effect.


Miyako is secretly a cat.

Prettiest picture ^_^

Overall Enjoyment Level: 6.5/10

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