Getsumen To Heiki Mina #1 Dangerous Rabbit Power!

Woo, girls with guns! Well, bunny girls with dangerous vegetables?! I love crazy, random, comedy anime so this was a winner for me! I really like Okama’s character design, which is not surprising as I also like the Himawari! girls and Kotono in Saint October. I’m interested in how this is related to Densha Otoko as I have only read a few chapters of the manga and it doesn’t seem crazy like this! I’m looking forward to seeing the Train Man movie, released by VIZ next month.

Mina Tsukuda is getting her big break as a TV station mascot when a jealous girl (Escartin) gives her the wrong directions. Mina gets lost, accidentally discovers an alien, almost gets killed, but is saved by another girl named Mina (Mina Ootsuki – oh no, 2 Minas!). An alien bunny baby appears and gives original Mina a magic carrot which transforms her, and calls down some giant carrot weapons from the moon…so that Mina and the other Mina can kick some alien butt…and when they defeat it, it turns into the cutest little bunny (I wonder if it gets put in a bunny wabbit jail?!~ or petting zoo).
Things I liked about the first episode: the bunny shaped moon base was pretty funny, and the lengthy process to send down her carrot weapons made me smile from the weird bunny arcade type machine, to the wagon with bunny eyes and flapping ears. I loved the evil Escartin girl, especially when she laughed and they gave her the dark evil character shots, it was worth the build up to see her mercilessly pink slimed! I thought the dancing bunnies in the bouncy ED were kinda cool, but I’m not keen on their design. It was great to see two girls working together to kick alien butt. Mina is a likeable character, it’s funny when she walks slowly towards the bus and it leaves in front of her, and when the little bubbles appear above her head! I’m looking forward to hearing the HALCALI OP tune, I love HALCALI, they are my one feel good silly-girly-band, and I liked how bunnies turned up occassionally in the background (waterbottle, picture on the wall, road sign, etc.).

Things I disliked about the episode: the baby carrot thing? Surely there could have been a cuter, more plot developing way to get a carrot in Mina’s mouth?! Will every episode be girls vs. monster, girls win the end? Mina’s character is cute enough, she doesn’t need huge boobs (and now I can’t cosplay her), and when she falls down, the shot of her on the floor is very unflattering! Costumes that seem very tight yet stay over half of girls boobs just…don’t…exist, it’s like Witchblade, it’s very annoying. The bunny ears could be sooo much cuter (and fluffy?). The robot thing was ugly, and so are the double lined mouths used on a few of the characters. There should have been *real bunnies*, giant 3ft ones like the ones in the newspaper!!

I like the voice of Mina (Marina Inoue) she is also the voice behind Mitsuki, the rather boyish looking girl in Manabi Straight, and pretty cute in real life!

Mina Tsukuda: silly entrance.

This is not flattering.

Not impressed with the baby/bunny thing!

I hate carrots too, I would make the same face!

Compulsory naked bit during transformation.

Yowzers! Those are humungous.

This looks like the figurine I like (see below, picture from Ebay). I’m hoping for more figurines, probably a set of all the bunny girls? If you like Mina and would like to see a life sized figure and a cosplayer, then Dannychoo has photos here.

Suiren: if the voice sounds familiar, Shizuka Itou also voiced Lenalee in D. Grayman and Alice in Pumpkin Scissors, I keep expecting the other characters to salute or pull faces at her stern voice!

Mina Ootsuki: even has a bunny zipper, yes…I’m sure that’s what most of the audience were looking at…

Escartin: has a mad laugh like Himeji (in Himawari!) and it’s well deserved when she gets slimed.

Rabbit Force Moon Base: It’s so unbelievable that it rocks! I want to live in a bunny shaped palace. ^_^

I think I’m going to enjoy watching this nonsense, and look forward to seeing more Rabbit transformations! *Boing*

Overall Enjoyment Level: 9/10

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  1. “Mina Ootsuki: even has a bunny zipper, yes…I’m sure that’s what most of the audience were looking at…”

    Haha I didn’t – I didn’t even know it was a bunny zipper! Now that you mention it XD I bet Playboy Magazine also has a role to play in this…
    Looking forward to your cosplay \o/

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