Anime on TV! Rockworld (368) Gilgamesh and Cromartie High School. Rapture (193) Excel Saga. Thoughts on watching dubs.

Rockworld channel 368


From Friday 5th January – 8:30pm

(repeated Monday – 7:30pm)

Cromartie High School

From Sunday 7th January – 6pm

(repeated Wednesday – 3pm)

Rapture TV (193)

Excel Saga

Started Tuesday 2nd January 8:30pm and 11pm
and Thursday 4th January 8:30 and 11pm

(repeated Sunday 8-9pm)

Advantages of watching anime dubbed on TV

– laziness, I can curl up on the sofa instead of watching things on my laptop
– I don’t even have to concentrate that much

– It’ll spawn new, shiny, anime fans, yay!

– Encourages denser viewers who can’t handle the idea of subtitles and would therefore switch channels at the sight of them to be introduced to anime.

Disadvantages of watching dubbed anime on TV

– the overwhelming desire and inability to take screenshots (sorry, blogging has meant I don’t like watching anime without a hand on the instant screenshot button). I want my favourite images to collect and sketch and look back over at the end of a series.

– Adverts: although I could record it, but that takes all the fun out of seeing it as soon as it’s out.
The fact that it’s dubbed. I’ve only seen Gilgamesh so far, but that was enough to make me cringe several times. It’s partly why I find the ‘american anime awards’ so hilarious. They are going to give American voice actors awards?! Give the original Japanese voice cast the awards! There’s a slight problem here, when watching anime in Japanese I don’t know if the tone of voice fits what it happenening, maybe to a Japanese person it’s as bad as me hearing an anime character speak in a strong American accent…but I doubt that somehow. The tone of voice and emphasis has to be right – it’s not enough that they say the same words if they ruin the atmosphere of an anime ESPECIALLY a dark moody anime such as Gilgamesh. Are these voice actors not anime fans themselves, whanting to uphold high standards? Hmmph.
– Whole time watching anime spent wishing for a button on the remote which can switch on Japanese language and subtitles.

– they seem to miss out the end theme and ‘next time on xxxx’ :(

I will start watching these three anime, Excel Saga is a favourite of mine as it was one of the first anime I ever saw. Hilarious, mad zany girls, incomprehensible plot (?) and I still think that’s a cat not a dog, and when it sings at the end of the show…CUTE! Cromartie High School from what I’ve seen is just as funny, with a robot…who doesn’t seem to know he’s a robot…the usual high school boy madness and unique character design. I want to see the live action CHS film! Gilgamesh is dark and gothy, people saying Rockworld is catering for the Emo viewers? Whatever. It’s still an intriguing sci-fi children with powers story that I want to see.

I want to see how I feel after watching an entire series dubbed and compare it to how different I feel about the plot/characters by watching it subtitled afterwards. Something I’ve not done before. Ultimately I’ll use the TV to see how much I like the series and then buy it from ADV when they bring out a box set…no more buying dvds for 15-20 pounds each, only to find the box set for 30-40 pounds online a short while later. :'(

I’m just wondering who will be watching anime on UK TV, and whether it will give people the wrong impression of a series through bad dubbing. It’s all very well saying, yay, exposure of anime to UK fans, but the combination of dubs and those terrible Manga Magazine adverts it’s not painting a very attractive or up to date picture. At least the choice of series is good, but I want to see cute, philosophical, cultural and slice of life anime as well.
I wish I could help run a UK TV channel showing the most up to date series of anime possible in Japanese with subtitles. The ones aimed at teens to older teens+ (not more Shounen for 7-12 year old popularised for 14-18 year old Westerners). I want to see retro series aired like Galaxy Express 999 and hilarious anime like Oruchuban Ebichu. I want to see historical anime with shows explaining the cultural historical significance. I hate viewers being limited to whatever the dvd companies feel will make the most £££ as the dvds are out already, about to be released. If they wanted to make money maybe they should have made a Hentai Climax XXX channel on SKY, I bet plenty of guys would pay for that at least once out of interest!

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  1. I figured that voice actors in anime were bad across the board. Although, I have a few that I like. Like you, I can’t tell if it is not English though. Personally, bad voice acting has never been the issue. An uninteresting story is far more likely to put me off a show.

    It has to be a cat.

    >> Hentai Climax XXX

    ?? . . . interesting name

  2. Well I had to include ‘climax’ in the title, I was flicking through the porn channels (as you do) on Sky to show my Mother the complete range of channels and we both started laughing at the number of channels with ‘climax’ in the title…eugh! Fortunately none of the previews were screening at the time, that would just have been grosse!

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