Anime Head Trip: Original Rare Afro Samurai Figurine on Ebay ($$Kaching!), American Anime Awards = weird, Disgaea Competition, Origami Totoro, Manga Art Calendar = Ugly, Magazines about Anime/Manga, Pucca Converse, and more…

Original Rare Afro Samurai Figurine ($$Kaching!) (link to Ebay item so it will only work for 2 days)

After reading in Anime Insider that Afro Samurai had a rare figurine release previous to the anime, I wondered what it looked like…and someone’s selling one on Ebay at Buyout of $500 or best offer!

It looks quite cool, but needs someone who takes awesome figurine pictures to take loving pictures of it *^_^*. I’m wondering how much this figurine is actually ‘worth’. Or, more importantly, is Afro Samurai going to be a huge success or with it flop? With Samuel L. Jackson voice acting and starring in the future Afro Samurai film, and the promise of Afro Samurai games, and 1,666,000 people tuning in to watch it, you can guarantee this is going to be desirable in some way in the future.

I wonder exactly how many of these figurines were made/sold and where in the world they are floating around – figurines should have little satellite locaters in them (then some anime bloggers would have a very bright blip on the globe map of figurines I bet!) I wonder in the future the highest price I will pay for anime/manga/merchandise. Accepting that I will not be a millionairre, I think spending more than £200 on something small would feel weird, but kind of exciting! At the moment I think paying over £30 for a figurine would be kind of excessive. In Forbidden Planet they have a lovely Wendy (GunXSword) figurine but I’m not paying £50 for it!
American Anime Awards = weird. @[email protected]
What do people think of the options within the categories you can vote for? I’d like to know how they came up with the lists! Especially the manga one…which seems a bit…strange and limited somehow. I only recognised Kurosagi and Monster as being really awesome mangas, but I bet they aren’t well known enough in overall American consciousness to win. :'(

Disgaea Competition

Still a few days to enter the competition and maybe win a DVD! Open to anime bloggers and readers in 2 separate competitions.
Origami Totoro Instructions

Just TOO cute. I wonder, if someone makes a 1000 Totoro origami figures, will their wish come true? I used to love Origami when i was 9-11, I should have a go (and realise I have forgotten all the fold names).
Manga Art Calendar = Ugly

In a recent look in London’s Forbidden Planet, I noticed they were selling the UGLIEST Manga Art Calendar ever. Really random, and seemingly dated kinds of images. I couldn’t find a picture of the 2007 calendar, but here’s a picture of the 2006 (also pretty bad) one:

Who buys this rubbish, when they could have a calender of pretty series art?! Mad.
Magazines about Anime/Manga

Which are the best/worst? As far as i can make out in England I can buy:

1. Neo c. £3.70
2. Newtype c. £8.50
3. Anime Insider c. £3.99

I’m not including SFX, it has only a tiny anime coverage, and the SFX Anime special…well…I had issues with it i’ll probably blog in future. Think I’ll have a look at all of them and see what the +/- points are. I’m just wondnering if there are any anime/manga magazines written in English which exist that I don’t know about? ^^;;

I’d like to subscribe to the American magazines, not sure what is the cheapest way to do this, maybe using subscriptions? Especially since FPs £3.99 for Anime Insider is clearly a complete rip-off. GRR, and £8.50 for Newtype seems a bit much, even if it does have lovely pictures and a free dvd.
Local Library Manga

I was excited to find volumes 1-2 of FLCL in my local Harrow Borough library. Woot! Review to follow.

Winter anime

Um…when do the anime season dates start and end? Is winter Dec1st-end of March? *Looks confused*.

Everything Yaoi Dot Com

Ok-ok-ok…but now we need…*please*?

Pucca Converse! FANTASTIC!

I think these are just adorable, I wonder which anime characters would make the cutest customsing additions to converse/ doc martins etc. I’d wear Ebichu converse, or if they had that little girl from Yotsuba! on them. Kawaiiii. A dark pair with the girl from Jigoku Shoujo could be gothy and cool. *Overwhelming desire to customise shoes*.
Using IRC…and failing miserably

Just as I figure out codes such as ctcp, !list, dir etc….I read you can type @find the look for files = “You are banned for 3 hours”. Hmm, never going to do that again. Ever. *_*

Finally: Funniest thing I’ve seen in IRC

Hehe. Well, that’s it for now. I invariably forget stuff I was going to include, I’ll just add them in the next Anime Head Trip ^_^

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