‘Missing 06’ the anime that wasn’t fansubbed in English from Worst to Best #2 Nerima Daikon Brothers

2. Nerima Daikon Brothers

This wins second place for comedy value, a swinging musical anime? Interspecies panda loving?! Insinuations with daikons (large radish see daikon soft toys):

(He is enjoying this just a liiittle too much)


This has been picked up and released on DVD by ADV (although I recommend *NOT* watching the American trailer as the female voice over is ear-splittingly painful). From what I’ve seen on youtube it’s pretty damn funny, especially the panda. Kawai!

It is a shame the character design/artwork is unattractive, but I think this is something everyone has to check out on dvd! If you’re in any doubt sing along to the music HERE see them wearing their little daikon costumes, complete with hats and shades, getting thrown in a hot pickle pot, getting sexually molested…it has to be seen to be believed! Random Curiosity has blogged the first 7 episodes, with plenty of zany screencaps. Big thumbs up for crazy entertainment value. does the crazyness remind you of the wonderful Excel saga? Well it should since it has the same Director Shinichi Watanabe!

So now there’s only one anime left, no-one subbed it, hell it wasn’t even released RAW to my knowledge!…Number #1 coming soon after I’ve opened my Christmas presents… woohoo!

3 thoughts on “‘Missing 06’ the anime that wasn’t fansubbed in English from Worst to Best #2 Nerima Daikon Brothers

  1. This is indeed one of the anime I’m ashamed of liking. On one side, it’s incredibly funny and entertaining, though on the other side, it’s just so horribly WRONG.

    Still, I guess that that makes Futago Hime #1. I keep telling myself to check it out for myself one day, seeing as the character desings are just way too cute.

  2. aaaaaaaah, it’s not, ^^;; I see now I have missed Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime Gyu! from the list ~ *sorry!* (as i mistook it for the earlier TV series which did have subs!) I’ll put a link to mathews blog of the series in my final post…

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