Keroro Gunsou Movie (1) 超劇場版 ケロロ軍曹

I’ll start by pointing out that this is a bad movie, in the sense that it is for kids – so don’t expect too much. However, some of the characters are cute, some of the ideas are funny and it’s a colourful movie with sweet relationships between humans and alien frogs…if only they were alien hamsters or squirrels… something, anything cuter…I find the idea of a frog alien kind of grosse…
One of my favourite frogs is Corporal Giroro, he kicks butt, froggie style:

Most of the humour in this film stems from the fact that these frogs failed at invading Earth and are now stuck on this planet. Keroro has become absorbed in human culture so much that he’s extremely excited about getting a GM Sniper Custom. I love this expression in the shop:

…and here is the object of desire:

Of course all this is a nice plot element to show the bond between human and frog. Without his young human friend Fuyuki, Keroro could not buy the GM Sniper – Why? Because the frogs use an alien anti-barrier so we can’t see them!

The main thing I dislike about this anime is the ugly human character artwork. I think it’s those eyes and the plastic looking hair…yuk.

The most adorable frog is called Tamama, this is his delight at completing the human invasion computer simulation…if only they could get it right for real! It’s funny that their training is more successful without Keroro!

The ninja Frog is Dororo…no-one seems to notice he exists though, as he hides in the attic, wishing he had a telepathic X on his face too…anyone else think the X is going to turn out to be EVIL?!…go figure.

The baddie is obviously an evil frog.

Some of the scenery was pretty…

The frog technology looked pretty silly, frog jester?

Mirara the girl frog was a little too pink and garish for me

The baddie gets bigger…I was never expecting that @[email protected]

When Keroro gets bigger, it’s funny as he apologizes and tries not to squish people’s cars. HAHA!

Aaw, poor Keroro, will he be able to finish putting together his GM Sniper Custom? I think not.

On thing I found sweet was the bond between Human and frog, especially the bond between Natsumi (Fuyuki’s sister) and the red frog Giroro. Giroro loves Natsumi despite being the most macho of the frogs.

The relationship between Keroro and Fuyuki has little moments when you uncomfortably wonder if they feel something more for each other, especially during the HARD GAY sex finale scene, where they have to carry a big penis key and insert it into a huge glowing hole orb to save the planet. Symbolic that they can be HARD GAY lovers work together Hmmmm:

Keroro Gunsou Movie 1 Overall Rating: E

So it’ with a mildy horrified look that I discover the second Keroro Gunsou movie, is set for release in Japan on March 17th (trailer here). They’ve brought in two new ugly navy blue frog characters called Marl and Merl. There’s a little article about it on p15 of Newtype #Jan07 in which I was amused to read that some lucky cinema goers will get a free packet of curry with their ticket…wtf? Weird.

There’s also a 4 page spotlight in Newtype p48-51 if you want to read more about the crazy frog TV show. Even a cute family/character link chart ^_^. ADV are going to start releasing the Keroro TV series on dvd this year…but I have better things to spend my money on. However, if you have a little brother who likes silly comedy and battles, this might make a good present.

For the Keroro hardcore fans, if you think people cosplaying and dancing as alien frogs is funny click here (Kawaiiiiiiiiiiii). Aaaw bless, look at them waggle their little flippers(?) appendages…

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  1. O….K….. I’m guessing you’ve never seen the anime series.
    This is certainly not a kids show, but more for animw fans that have seen a whole multitude of shows, as a LOT of shows are parodied in the anime.
    It’s one of my favorite anime series of all time.

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