Yamato Nadesico Shichihenge (ヤマトナデシコ七変化) 1-4 It’s funny as hell!

Reasons to love this anime:

1. Boys that look so much like women I feel every confused about how exactly you’re meant to find them attractive, and not just laugh at them all the time.

2. Sunako: Female goth in desparate need of lessons on how to become a lady…if only she can stop having nosebleeds all over the dazzlingly beautiful boys! Nosebleeds galore! I’m hoping she will never change and continue to live in her dark horror themed little fantasy world. She’s cool! Esp when she kicks ass to save the boys. Her costumes are great. Bewaaare the evil fringe. Evil!

3. It’s making me laugh as much as Ouran High School Host Club!

4. The goth goth loli loli girls!! They rule!
5. The mad aunt who owns the mansion seeming like some pyscho superwoman.

Can’t wait to read the manga! Especially enjoyed this anime after a few glasses of alcohol, made it funnier… :)