Flag フラッグ 1-5 I love the art direction so much!

I am so impressed with the quality and depth of artwork in this realistic look at life through the lense of a UN photographer. There are mecha and military photos, as well as landscape, character and war snapshots that are beautiful!

If you can get past the iritation of the little squares of the viewfinder in the centre of the screen and the re-showing of past events via a laptop format you will be rewarded!

The character and depth aspect of this anime are the most rewarding. These mature characters are believable and shown in an honest light, and some of the quotes/events will hopefully leave you thinking about events after the episodes have finished – which is something I look for in exceptional anime. I think it’s a shame this anime is only 13 episodes long, even if the story is moving on a little slowly!

I like the HAVWC design, I like the glimpses of the characters, I’m enjoying the soundtrack, I love the art direction and character design…it’s just a wonderful combination. I hope it doesn’t end with Shirasu getting killed!

Some of my favourite photographs/screenshots/quotes so far: