Zero no Tsukaima ゼロの使い魔 2:The Common Familiar

We discover how Saito was lured from Earth. What is it with characters sticking their fingers in giant liquid blobs, I mean seriously you’re only asking for trouble, ‘Event Horizon’ anyone?


Saito has to learn his place as a ‘commoner’ washing her panties, sitting on the floor at breakfast and how comfortable Louise feels getting naked in front of him…shocking :)

I love the eyes:

Yeah, becuase he looks so upset about the panties.

I find the mole familiar kawai! look it’s waving *girly giggles*.

Guiche learns a valuable lesson about two timing women!

We see the power of the ‘magic rune’ on Saito’s hand…it is said to do something to the Lost Penta’s corners, whether this is good or bad we shall see:

A new character Siesta is introduced and she takes quite a liking to Saito. Yay a maid character, now we have naked girlies, pants being thrown around, Kirche’s massive tits and a maid…something for everyone?

I felt a certain satisfaction watching this, I was afraid Guiche would become irritating and instead he gets a double embarrassment of being humiliated for double dating and beaten by a mere commoner, woohoo!