Zero no Tsukaima ゼロの使い魔 1: Zero Louise

Louise de la Valiel is a failing student at the Tristein School of magic. All her attempts at magic end in disaster, which is why she’s got the nickname zero. Two of the other girls are laughing at Louise, so she tells them that her next spell to summon a familiar will be totally amazing…and proceeds to summon a *spoiler* human as her familiar (yay male slave!Although i was hoping for a giant firebreating hamster of dooooom), which is totally embarrassing!

I was disappointed with the quality of the character design, the intro/ending music, and the fact that nothing really special stands out about this series! :(
The main plus for me was that Louise is quite cute, so here are more pictures!

The figurine is quite sweet too, not a very exciting pose though.

The irritatingly over romantic Guiche D. Gramon The Bronze made me laugh, especially when he summoned a chubby mole! I could quickly get bored of his character though…

Principal Osman is such a pervert, sending his mouse familiar to peek at his secretary’s panties! *Giggles*. She gets her revenge though! Yay, women bashing men for being perves, fun fun fun.

I’m not a perve, I’ve got Alzheimers…honest!

The obligatory bitchy girl character only seems to have one eye! The other hides under a mass of hair, and lets face it, with boobs that big I’m sure she can see out of those *_*

Well, I’ll keep watching this, it’s not fantastic, but it is funny!

She should totally have summoned a cute girl slave…Saito washing her pants is cute though?!

Zero no Tsukaima website here.

First impression: C

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  1. Impression = “C”; but I think I’ll pick this one up based on your review.

    I figure that I need a new magical loli show to watch. I haven’t seen a good one since Nanaho.

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