Tsuyokiss つよきす 1: Nice To Meet You I’m Konoe Sunao

Why didn’t she ask Yoppi to lock the door…

I know I should have really liked this because it had some girl-on/girl elements in it, but it was mostly boring. I’m not keen on this type of character design, I think it’s the faces?
I was bored by the time Kanoe Sunao’s towel fell off, and that didn’t do much to revive my interest! The intro/ending music was nothing special and there was the MOST annoying pointless parrot in the world.

Even the random pop up sexy pictures of the girls felt so in your face and out of place. I’m just not that excited about seeing girls in sexy situations or not wearing much if I’m not interested in the characters themselves. This first episode felt like – ‘lets show lots of conversations so we can introduce too many new characters at once’. :S

Maybe I’ll enjoy this more after a couple of episodes once the minor chracters develop? There were a few funny things especially with Kanisawa being called Kani (crab). It doesn’t help that I completely hate Romeo and Juliet after studying it at GCSE.

Pictures for your pleasure. Yashi Nagomi is definately my favourite character after seeing this. ;0)

There’s a game?! Wonder if it’s any good – note the parrot.LOL, sure that’s a great selling point.

Tsuyokiss website.

Initial Rating: D

3 thoughts on “Tsuyokiss つよきす 1: Nice To Meet You I’m Konoe Sunao

  1. Parrots can be very funny creatures, though this anime manages to make it annoying, instead of funny.

    Anyway, I agree with you. I didn’t really feel much for this episode as well.

  2. wow a nice, yummy ,funny ,anime ,adventure that have cute and nice character hmmmmmmmmmmm……. yeahhhhh.. ^_^ ♥Θ♥ i love it….. i like to see real …. can i have some comics ^^ i like it very much …. =) i love japan …………………………………….♥♥♥

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