Trapp Ikka Monogatari トラップ一家物語 2: My Future as a Sister

Maria thinks she has to leave Nonnberg Abbey for good, but they give her another chance. :) She vows to try and change her ways to fit into the House of God. No more running up steps or whistling!

She is given the opportunity to practice being a Novice Sister by going to teach the local children. However, her teaching method differs a little from the normal Bible studies – but the children seem to love her.

Sister Laura doesn’t believe in Maria!

An official inspector comes to visit the school…will Maria be an embarrassment to the other Sisters?

Finally she’s chosen to be the governess for Baron Trapp’s seven children – I thought this episode was a little slow! Although it was sweet the way Maria became upset when she had to leave without time to say goodbye. You also pity her when she reveals her mother died when she was 2, so she can empathize with the Trapp children.

I was expecting this to be a slow anime, bearing that in mind, I’ll continue to enjoy watching this older anime as it’s quite fun, and I keep wondering what accidents/mistakes will occur to Maria!

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