Tonagura となグラ! 1: A 30 cm Unrequited Love

Kazuki has been separated from Youji for 10 years. They met when they were really young on the balcony outside her room. Now she eagerly anticipates his return, fantasizing about a fate of love, and Youji on horse back. It’s the reason everything is going so well for her at school; in maths, at lunchtime, in the swimming pool, she seems extra brainy and lucky.

Her friend Chihaya follows her round knowing something must be happening, and manages to grab Youji’s picture out of Kazuki’s pocket.

The reality is that Youji is really pervy, it doesn’t help that he comes barging into her room while she’s just wearing her bra and pants! Eek! She has to hit him to get him off her, aided by Marie with her gun hidden in her teddy!

This was mildy entertaining, the thing I laughed at were the pervy noises Youji made when he was sitting on the sofa. Lol.

I didn’t find the art very attractive, or the character design anything special, and the fanservice was a bit lame. Oh look some massive tits on characters that aren’t that cute. Although the bit where Chihaya grabs the picture out of Kazuki’s pocket made me giggle. I also liked how Youji flies across the room and ends up in a crumpled heap multiple times, gotta give it to him for persistence, and the gun hidden in the teddy is great, I want one! I’d quite like to see how the broken friendship between them develops into something new. Even though the fan service is predictable Youji is funny enough is his reactions for me to enjoy it!

I prefer the manga style.

Tonagura website.

Initial Rating: C+