Muteki Kanban Musume 無敵看板娘 2: The Challenger’s Name is Nishiyama Kankuro/My Fight has No End

I laughed so hard at this madness!

Miki has a strange feeling she is being watched when she goes on a delivery. She is given helpful directions by some children and in return fills in as their pitcher. She makes a fearsome pitcher!

Then her stalker Kankuro reveals himself, it’s so funny when his elbow breaks! I love the collection of snapshots from his memory of all the times Miki has hurt him, especially feeding him raw lobster!

2 broken arms, hahaha!

In part two, having failed to win Miki by challenging her directly, Kankuro chooses to hide in a dustbin to observe her and find her one weakness. I haven’t laughed so hard for a long time, there’s something so ridiculous about a dustbin bouncing down the road.

Kankuro reaches the conclusion that Miki’s weakness is trains so he must become a train to defeat her…right. LOL, it’s the noises he makes when pretending to be a train that were so funny. “Daka Daka.”

Just a shame Miki is Shinkansen standard and he is only city train standard. Kankuro realizes that to beat Miki he must become like her mother…impossible!!

Well I thoroughly enjoyed that silliness. :)