Muteki Kanban Musume 無敵看板娘 1:Invincible Poster Girl, Another Poster Girl

This is a very silly comedy with bizarre situations involving the clumsy Miki. My favourite was when Miki challenges Megumi to a poster girl competition. They dress up in different costumes, using different techniques to attract customers to their shops – of course, it all back fires.

Poor Megumi!

I didn’t laugh out loud that much, and I found Miki’s mother an irritating/ugly character, I don’t really want to see them fighting. The story of how Megumi learned to use darts made up for it though *giggles*. At least this is more original than some of the anime I’ve been watching recently which is refreshing.
Some of Miki’s many faces:

Megumi from the bread shop, expert dart thrower!

I’ll continue to watch this for the silly factor. I can turn my brain off completely and sit waiting for the next comedy close up of Miki’s face! The random dog walking in the end credits seemed a bit weird…

…and that a monster rabbit on her head in the intro credits?!

If I enjoy the series I’ll check out the manga (Noodle Fighter Miki):

Muteki kanban Musane website.

Initial rating: B-