Love Get Chu ラブゲッCHU 2:Momoko Starts A New Life

Momoko is still talking to that bunny! (I worry about that girl)

Ok, how do I justify watching this girly show? Gems like this *giggles*:

Momoko settles into her house, and faces the reality that only 10% of the trainee voice actresses are sure to become professional, will her determination and belief that nothing is impossible, be enough? Momoko is especially cute this episode:

Poor Momoko loses her beloved signed anime script – but she’s not going to find it down there:

I get the strange feeling of deja vu:

Atari still doesn’t know what to make of Momoko, especially after she accused him of being a creepy pervert!

It doesn’t help that she turned his mobile phone off so he could sleep better – only for him to miss an important call from the anime studio!
I think this is a picture from the Love Get Chu game? (Let me know if I’m wrong, I can’t read 90% of the stuff on Japanese websites!)

I’m finding this series mildy amusing and I’ll continue to watch it for the giggle factor.