Kirarin Revolution きらりん☆レボリューション 1: Kirarin Idol Revolution…Naaaaaaaaa

“Naaaa?!” picks up small annoying creature that looks nothing like a cat and ponts into the distance…yay!

I liked the stupid, boingy sound effects in this but Kirarin’s voice hurt my brain. Ok so this is another story about a girl who wants to become an idol singer aimed at 12 year olds. It’s kinda cute but some of the minor character design is so horrible.

So Kirarin isn’t interested in pop bands, has never heard of SHIPS and likes to stuff her face with all those sweets – yet is still really thin, aren’t most teenage girls going to hate her?

The tortoise stuck in a tree is cute, but I hate it when female wimpy girls have to be rescued, and no this isn’t love…this is scary!

Naaaaa to the rescue.

Well the merchandise made me giggle, oh look a Kirarin vibrator…you plug it in to the TV to watch porn then press the little buttons…no wait…it’s a microphone.

Yay a Naaaaaaaaaaaaa toy to ceremonially burn, I mean cuddle, or throw at famous pop stars who harass you.

Kirarin Revolution online game, Go! Let the bouncy music enter your subconscious and warp your miiiiind *@[email protected]*…and pick up cute little animals.Initial Rating: E

2 thoughts on “Kirarin Revolution きらりん☆レボリューション 1: Kirarin Idol Revolution…Naaaaaaaaa

  1. Only E? =) I wonder why Kirari’s voice doesn’t sound irritating for me, majority seem to complain about that. I guess I have certain tolerance for amateur seiyuus. =)

  2. kirari’s voice is indeed very high,hyper and irritating but you know yoiu get used to it when you watch the series. but yeah when you just start watching it’s as irritating as hell :3

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