Hoshizora Kiseki 星空キセキ

Kozue hears the voice of a boy talking to her, it seems linked to her bracelet. She sets out looking for a falling star and hoping for a summer romance. However, there are others on a more alien quest waiting for the star…

I love the character design, both Kozue and Ginga the boy in the space suit are beautiful. The romantic element between then was really sweet, I liked how they glimpsed each other as he rushes past her on the road side, looking out of the window in the van. However, this was ruined by her tactlessness in the abandoned planetarium. If you meet a guy who can never step out of his space suit, you don’t list all the wonderful things he can never have felt. I know this is supposed to be rectified when she cries for him in the rain, but their meeting was a little too jarring for a sweet girl who thinks love will come to her.

The music also became repetitive, I thought it was really sweet at first but then it became annoying. What did impress me was the scene of Kozue crying in the rain and the sequence where Ginga floats up into the sky in ‘harmony’ with the object in the stars. I also liked the idea that Ginga had to stay within his space suit so the outside world didn’t change him, but the ending was a little too predictable! The characters of Maki and Mizuno seemed a bit pointless, I would rather Kozue hadn’t been removed from the mountains but we’d seen more about her feelings about the stars, or the dreams she had.

This is however, sweet and enjoyable to watch, a predictable romance saved by the lovely artwork – just a shame something a little more spectacular didn’t happen at the end! I guess I wanted Kozue to be put in harmony too and for them to float into space happy forever etc. rather than them staying on Earth!
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Overall Rating: B

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  1. It felt nice and short OVA. Not really anything memorable, but enjoyable. It’s not like every series needs to be epic tale about all things in the world so these kind of shows definitely serve their purpose.

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