Honey x Honey/Mitsu x Mitsu Drops 蜜×蜜ドロップス 1

This is the first episode of an OAV based on the Manga (there is also a PS2 game).

A honey is the term given to the girl who must serve her male student partner at school. The advantage of being a Honey is that your tuition fees are paid. Hagino Yuruzu is chosen as one of these honeys by a guy named Renge Kai. However this anime just seems to be an excuse to see women being walked all over by guys who can’t decide whether to be jerks or heros. One minute you think Kai is really nice because he doesn’t make Yuruzu strip naked for a painting, the next thing he’s groping her on a basketball court, calling her a useless toy and making her cry. Aside from that you’ve got the Honeyless Master Yurioka Chihaya who’s taken a liking to Yuruzu – but he’s equally useless as he fails to save her when she falls over on the basketball court. Nice.

The idea is quite fun, Master/Honey pairs must play basketball and the Honey of the overall losing pair will be fired. Yuruzu doesn’t want this because her parents will lose money, but should she stay with Kai or abandon him for the equally bad Chihaya.

Highlights include an armadillo disguised as a basketball. No wait, that is the highlight! Overall, this annoyed me because I can’t feel happy about Kai turning out to have feelings for her after he treats her like crap, and she doesn’t know what she wants anyway. Are these supposed to be perfectly formed male characters you just love to hate but secretly love them? Ugh, I have no idea!

Kai looking…hot?

The intro credits, have lots of characters and are quite pretty.

I shall look at you naked in the shower if I want to!

I can do cute and vacant at the same time…


Admittedly the Love me Kiss me ‘French Kiss’ end tune by Misaki Fuji+ was quite cute and catchy!

Honey x Honey Drops website.
Initial Rating: C-

Next episode…she ends up kissing Chihaya *shock*.

14 thoughts on “Honey x Honey/Mitsu x Mitsu Drops 蜜×蜜ドロップス 1

  1. I have no idea what drives people into thinking that this anime is based on the PS2 game. I’d rather say that both anime and game are based on the manga by Kanan Minami which came at the very beginning… the manga is even scanlated, and a lot of her other works are scanlated too (even by th famous ShoujoMagic, just like most of the Mayu Shinjo stuff!) – so I would have expected that she’s a little bit more widely known…

  2. Ah, I read on animenewsnetwork.com that it was based on the PS2 game, I guess most people have been mislead from there.

  3. oh i jus love the way you wrote about Honey and Honey Drops.. i guess it’s all quite true the way you put it~~

  4. Is the next episode ever coming out? Did they give up the anime?
    I saw the first episode today, but it looks like it has been a year since it came out… I really like this anime.

  5. does it mean that following episodes don’t exist? does anybody know anything about it? I wish, I could see it soon.

  6. [Q-R] did a raw of the second episode last year, however, the torrent does not seem to exist anymore. I guess KissSub gave up on it too, so the only way to watch this would be to buy it and watch it raw. It’s a shame because although I wasn’t that impressed, a year later I’m still wondering what happened next! So it was certainly memorable.

  7. Heh… It’s actually based on a manga.. the manga’s is pretty catchy for a romantic Rich boy falls for girl read… the manga charcters are also more deep as compared to the anime.. If i’m not wrong, the manga spans around, 8 volumes with a pretty good ending, reasonable as well =))

  8. can anyone tell me how many dvd volume are there cause i been searching and it all goes to episode 1 ova. I really want to watch the series please tell me

  9. Kiss-Fan’s have subbed its second OVA and its available via torrent. Its rather nice :) Though I was hoping to see the theme part more than the whole amusement park >3<

  10. men this is a pretty perverted but really cute anime if another episode doesnt come out i’m so calling the P. this is si flipping amazingg!!!!!!!!!!

    if anything comes out just tell my right away or i’ll come looking for ya ( jk )

  11. do u have any idea where i can find the volumenes cause this is a GOOD anime pliz tell me as sooon as you can k thankx =>.

  12. Wow it’s 2010 and still no episode 3? i can’t believe i watched it only to get hung with disappointment? this can’t be.. I love this anime!!!!! SOMEONE ANYONE!! Give me the link to episode 3 even if it’s in full japanese I don’t care!! I wanna watch it!!!!!!!!

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