Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 出ましたっ!パワパフガールズZ 2:Gentle Bubbles 1+2

Oh, dear – otherwise known as ‘Airhead Bubbles’! Who clearly doesn’t know what planet she’s on:

Whoa dude bubble druuuuuugs:

yes, point a gun at us which makes us tingle and wonder if we’re about to become naked!

Ken said ‘ Papa, i mean prof’ again.*Internal scream.*

I was letting my inner child enjoy this anime, but my inner child turned round and informed me she’d rather watch Postman Pat, Count Duckula, Dogtanian, Bananaman or Superted. (Apparantly Powerpuff girls will never be as cool as Superted because they don’t use a ‘magic word’ that no-one else knows).

I do love the soundtrack, it’s stupidly cool for a kids show!