Coyote Ragtime Show コヨーテ ラグタイムショー 2: The Girl of the Pirate Hideout

We are introduced to the pretty girl Franca.

I liked the intro pictures, gave me hope that Katana and Bishop will be interesting characters…even if their ship does have a silly hovercraft thing going on.

It’s a shame Madam looks masculine in many shots, I’d hope for a pretty women commanding all those girls!

I liked this round the table confrontation, never let two many maids into your confrence room guys.

Harem Devidson, *haha*. Nice bunnygirl!

Franca is working in a bar on Planet Ku-Rong. She holds the pendant with the location to her deceased father’s treasure, she mistakenly thinks this is why Mister has looked after her all these years. As a ‘coyote’ he has formed a loyal bond with her and seems to look upon her as his own daughter. The treasure lies on a planet which will be blown up soon, so the clock is ticking…
Franca’s not too impressed to see Mister!

We get to see a little more of the sidekicks Bishop and Katana. Katana seems the more dominant of the two. It’s funny when Katana win’s Bishop’s watch after a bet! I want to see more of them fighting.

A major disappointment was that the 12 sisters did not do much of the chasing and left it up to robot troops – after all their introduction last episode it felt like a semi-climax :S

That’s just cruel. :'(

I love the fact that Super Soul is manipulated by Chelsea’s ‘big boobs’ into helping them block the signal of Madam’s troops. At least his exaggerated character was there for a reason!

The clay characters in the ending credits were cute!

I want to see more of the 12 Sisters in action next time, and find out what the treasure is! ^_^