Chokotto (ちょこッと) Sister 1: Present is a Little Sister

Haruma gets a present from the most unusual Santa Claus I have ever seen…on a Motorbike!

When he was a little boy he had wished for a little sister and now his wish has come true!

She doesn’t come wearing many clothes though!

Haruma is embarrassed and asks her to put on some of his clothes. She is very cute, and tries to set fire to his kitchen make him breakfast, then he realizes, she doesn’t have a name! He names her Choko because she is always looking in her notebook for guidance.

She is very pleased with her cute name!

They set out to buy her some clothes and meet Ayano in her shop. Then they go to the shopping centre and buy Choko some clothes, they are so expensive! It’s so sweet how Haruma is willing to give up his money he was saving for a computer and spend it happily on her. When he starts fantasizing about Ayuna and buys her a present, Choko gets distracted by a balloon and they get separated!

After he finds her in the information area she cries all the way home saying he was the one who left…instead of pointing out it was her who ran off when she shouldn’t, he gives her the present that was meant for Ayuna to cheer her up. This bothered me – I mean she’ll just walk all over him and want to get her way all the time if he always gives in.

That is not the kind of kiss a girl gives his brother…she’s ever so grateful.

The ending was a little dodgy too.

I wasn’t amazed by the artwork and none of the characters really appealed to me. The scenes involving the miscarriage issue were well done though and it was sooo cute when Choko became excited by the snow. I just find her slightly annoying because she cried so much. The design of Ashirai Makoto, the girl with the orange hair looks cute though, so I’ll watch more to see if it gets better. I’ll try reading the manga too, I’ll probably prefer this in manga form.
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Initial Rating: C

4 thoughts on “Chokotto (ちょこッと) Sister 1: Present is a Little Sister

  1. I haven’t watched this one. I wasn’t planning on watching this series unless I read some really good stuff about it. Reading this, it seems a little reminiscent of Chobits, don’t you think?

    As an aside, do you have “Initial Rating: C” as part of your blog post template?

  2. Oh well I have only read some of the Chobits manga and I preferred that becuase at least it seemed she was a special robot! Choko is more of a vacant little girl, I’ve started reading the Chokotto manga and I prefer it for the artwork.

    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘blog post template’? I just wrote that at the end of my post because it was a first episode, I’m hoping it’ll get more amusing when she gets a bra in ep 5!

  3. Sorry, for being vague. I keep seeing “Initial Rating: C” at the end of you post on new series. I was making a joke that you seem to rank them as “C” on a regular basis

    Just messing with you mind…. ;)

  4. Just because you rank this anime as a C doesn’t make this overall anime that bad. Different people have different style of what kind of anime they like. Overall, it was nice to hear your opinion on it. Keep up the great work. ^^

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