Binbou Shimai Monogatari 貧乏姉妹物語 2: A day with the owner, his sickness and the watermelon

Aaaah this is soooo cute, but will they blush a little less? Their cheeks will surely explode.

Kyo and Asu are really scared of the owner, they see him as a demon that comes to collect the rent, and huddle in fear when it’s ‘that time’. Aaw it’s so cute. On top of this the poor things have a leaky roof and have to scatter bowls across their room to catch the drips.

One month the Owner fails to collect the rent – so Kyo rejoices thinking they don’t have to pay rent that month, the Owner must have won the lottery. Um…Kyo is 15 right…who is that stupid?! It is quite cute when Asu shows more intelligence than Kyo.

Oh you know what’d make everything better…a blushie hug!

The girls find out the Owner is in hospital so go to see him…will the demon shout and scream at them in a scary way? Love the faces.

Let’s keep rubbing in the fact that they are soooo poor.

The Owner isn’t angry but he certainly doesn’t want the girls to be there. He refuses to eat the fruit they bring until they have gone and eventually tells them to stop visiting. I liked how the girls were rewarded with some meat from the greengrocer. So sweet.

The next time it rains there are no drips from the ceiling, they realize the Owner ended up in hospital after he fell off the roof fixing the leaks for them. Aaaah.

I’d enjoy this a lot more if there were more characters or the artwork was more varied, it is very very cute though, I shall think ‘aaaaah cuuuute’ over 100 times while watching this! I do feel the urge to grab people and give them blushie hugs and make them feel happy…or mildly freaked out.