Akagi (Legend Of Mahjong) 闘牌伝説アカギ 闇に舞い降りた天才 12: The Magic Of Coincidence

A blade from a different dimension.

The game between Urabe and Akagi continues, and we watch Akagi continually throw away winning tiles until he is left with a single wait for a Pei tile in the dead wall. It seems incredibly unlikely this tile will enter game play and we watch from Ishikawa’s horrified position. Meanwhile Urabe is in trouble, he keeps getting the same tiles. After calling two Kans he draws twice from the dead wall bringing the Pei into his hand, of course he discards it, Akagi couldn’t possibly be waiting for that! Urabe is not too happy the reality:

Urabe gets a San Bai Man worth 24,000-32,000, using the force of coincidence.

Urabe remains confident he can still win, and that Akagi’s coincidence was clever but not a real threat.

Just as he’s convinced he’s made a clean getaway, Akagi reveals he is on a single wait and gets up and walks away from the table! This was cool, I wasn’t expecting him to walk away and I really want to know what that tile is! Akagi says he cast a spell on the tile. I’d rather think he could practically read Urabe’s moves in advance after he’s studied the way he plays for a short space of time. I don’t want to think of him as something magical, it spoils the Godly image.

In this episode more than others I felt that this was aimed more for an audience of experienced mahjong players, I was a bit confused, not knowing exactly how amazing the game play was from Akagi. What miniscule percentage chance was there for the game to turn out the way he wanted it? I’m also finding it hard to remember every tachnical term I’ve failed the absorb over the dozen episodes!
It still amazes me that it’s exciting, the background music builds up the tension, and there’s this rewarding rush everytime Akagi reveals a neat move/cheat/trick.

I’d prefer it if there was a little more violent action interupting the game play, my brain hurts a little, I never thought I’d say this, but, more mindless violence or philosophical complacency please!

3 thoughts on “Akagi (Legend Of Mahjong) 闘牌伝説アカギ 闇に舞い降りた天才 12: The Magic Of Coincidence

  1. Well, the part about Akagi “casting a spell” is probably a metaphor for his deductions anyway. Even the fact that he said it out loud is most likely a factor in his plan to get Urabe to deal the right tile.

  2. I think Akagi’s just playing with all of them, the same as when he did the “I can see through tiles” thing. He gets a kick out of scaring the crap out of people, and nothing’s scarier than the power of coincidence…

    …That sounds like he’s magical, doesn’t it? Meh, I think I’ll call him “divine” and leave it at that. It’s genius and freakish luck that stems from the fact that he doesn’t care whether he lives or dies.

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