Wings of Rean リーンの翼 1: The Uninvited One

Wings of Rean

The basic story: battleships are fighting a war in a different world. The princess of this world is on a battleship wearing a wings of rean she has inherited from her father. At a time of turmoil these boots kick into action, bringing 4 ships from her world into Japan’s world out of the sea!

I love the character design for the girl (Lux) who has the Wings Of Rean, especially the shape of the hair and her military yet girly look. The ships from the other world are stunning, huge beasts of the sea, and I love it when they fly, and those two boys Rouri and Kanamoto seem to fall on top of each other an awful lot…This is a quality fantasy, even though the initial plot is a little confusing, I’ll be watching the rest of this series.

Ending Theme: ‘My Fate’ by Anna. English lyrics, starts off like a sweet girly song, turns into a bit of an orchestral rock thing. Lacks oomph. You know, the kind of song where she sounds like she’s given up already.

The second episode was due to air in April and then one episode a month after that, I’ve yet to see it fansubbed though!

Sits and waits…drums fingers…

2 thoughts on “Wings of Rean リーンの翼 1: The Uninvited One

  1. hihi. im watching the promo n the the first episode. so far its pretty good. i was wondering what do u mean by her “wearing” the wings of rean.”

  2. I watched it back in january, so my memory is a little hazy, I think the wings come out of boots she wears.

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