Wild Adapter

I haven’t actually read this manga yet, but after watching the anime adaptation Araiso Private High School Council Executive Commitee (worth watching for a guy humping a tennis racket in his own little gay fantasy world) I hunted around for pictures of the manga and these are stunning! I can see why girls like this stuff so much now, although I personally prefer Yuri.


7 thoughts on “Wild Adapter

  1. The third picture down is, as far as I know, NOT a part of either Wild Adapter or Arasio. It is thought to be an early fanwork. That picture is yaoi and neither series is actualy yaoi. Heck, they aren’t even quite shonen-ai.

  2. Thanks, I didn’t realise! I haven’t watched it yet, I guess it’s just a relationship that is hinted at a lot and the fans are excited about ^_^

  3. OMG!!! that’s not a doujin is it? u have just made me sooo unbeliveably happy.. THANK U!!!!!!!

  4. haha, apparently u havn’t see some of minekura’s own work. the third pic fits.
    (or perhaps u’ve seen but refuse to recognize it)

  5. Actually, the third pic IS a W.A. piece. It appears as one of the in-between-chapters pages in the manga.

  6. The third picture is Wild Adapter, and the series is Shonen-Ai. Sadly nothing much has happened between them yet though… *sigh*

  7. The third pic I was talking about isn’t there anymore. Trust me, I’d be thrilled if the books actually did have the boys going at it. Take a look at what else I’ve done online; I’m not afraid of boys making love.

    The snarky comment was not necessary.

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