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Kamichu かみちゅ: Volume 1(manga)- Besame Mucho/Hanahalu Naruko (ill.)

I loved the first few episodes of Kamichu so much that I was really excited about the manga. I was a bit apprehensive that it wouldn’t capture all the moments of the anime that made me smile, but I needn’t have worried, it’s just as delightfully adorable as the anime!

Story In Brief

Kamichu is a story about a young girl called Yurie Hitotsubashi. One day she becomes a God, but she doesn’t know what kind of God she is, what she’s supposed to do or what her powers are! It’s up to her friends to support her as we go on a journey with Yurie as she discovers her powers, tries to make a guy at school notice her, make difficult decisions as a God and help lots of people on the way.

This works so well for me because Yurie is so utterly selfless and charming you just know that even if she makes a few mistakes, or the odd bad decision, everything will turn out ok, because she has the best intentions. There’s a wonderful dynamic between her two friends, the greedy Matsuri who sees Yurie as a way to get money and attention to the failing Shinto shrine, and Mitsue who is more level headed and concerned about Yurie. The moment I knew the story was special was when (spoilers beyond this point) her powers bring a storm that whips Ninomiya Ken up into the sky and she has to save him. The long hair when she’s a God is such a lovely touch, because she does seem to transform into this stronger character for a few moments, but her power is wild and out of control like her hair.

This does have the same charm of other anime such as Totoro and Spirited Away, plus I find it is more believable because the Gods are everywhere, and everyone could see them if they wear the charm that Yurie draws. I love the Gods which are everyday objects like LD discs and toys!
The main reason the manga fell down for me, was that I loved the shark creature in the anime which seems to be a more squidy thing in the manga. Also the Akita God was more amusing in the anime. It doesn’t have quite the same warm goosebumps feeling as the anime, but then, I’ve only seen 2/3 episodes so I can’t make too strong a comparison. In the anime in particular I preferred the detail of the Land Of The Gods.
It did however, recreate key moments that made me laugh or smile such as: Tama being chased around by Matsuri! That little racoon creature in the boat that takes Yurie through the gateway to the Land of the Gods is sooooo cute. Also, I’m sure lots of girls can remember being younger and having a crush on some guy who didn’t really noticed they existed, and this is portrayed in such a cute way in the manga!

Favourite Pictures

I feel so sad everytime he doesn’t remember her name. :'(

It’s such a magical moment when she travels to the Land of the Gods.


It’s so funny whenever Matsuri and Mitsue squabble.

Poor Tama!

Yurie’s feelings for Ken are so sweet.

Yurie can make people so happy, she can grant their wishes. :)

The three girls go shopping together, poor Yurie!

Clearly, being a God is going to take some getting used to!

Overall, I would say this is a must for anyone who loves the Kamichu anime or Spirited Away. The characters are just as loveable, and it might just leave you with the same warm, fuzzy, magical feeling. :)

Brave Story: Trailers, Figurines and why I’m so excited about it…

Ever since I saw the trailer for Brave Story 6 months ago I’ve been looking forward to its English subbed release, and for that matter, waiting for some magical force to transport me to Japan so I can see it…because clearly I was born in the wrong country.
The website is here. The scrolling pictures under the main picture are all links to wmp trailers!
Reasons to be excited

A fantasy with a dark twist and unique looking creatures.

‘Juno Reactor’ music featured in the film (after the intro ‘Guardian Angel’ for Texhnolyze I have high expectations).

There’s a dragon type creature in it, and I love dragons!

It has incredibly cute merchandise that I want now, even before I’ve seen the film…


Brave Story is due for release in Japan on July 8th, hopefully it’ll be hitting American shores soon since Warner Brothers have secured the theatrical rights. They’re waiting to see how well it does in Japan before commiting to a release.

Did anyone catch Brave Story when it was screened at Cannes in May?

Anime Screenings in London (Aug 18-21 2006) @ The National Film Theatre

The National Film Theatre will be screening the following (dates and times to be confirmed in July):

The Place Promised In Our Early Days (also being screened @ Barbican July 2nd see here and the trailer here – the FTP works, not sure about the HTTP).

Negadon: The Monster From Mars, Yonna In The Solitary Fortress (trailer for Negadon here – English, webside for Yonna here).

Tetsuji 28: The Movie (Live Action) (trailer here – Japanese).

Patlabor: The Movie (trailer here – English).

Mind Game (website here).

Area 88 Episodes 1-4 (Trailer here – English).

Karas (Trailer here – English, Website here).

Otakus in Love (website with trailer here).

Pom Poko (website here).

Spirited Away (website here).
I haven’t decided which of these I want to see on a big screen yet, but seeing Karas in a proper cinema theatre with a good sound system has got to be awesome. I played the intro about 10 times because I loved the powerful music so much. I’ll add a more comprehensive review of the films nearer the time.

Also: I love this Tetsujin 28 toy. Isn’t it cool?! I want one!!

Anime Head Trip: Site Metre, Gaia Online, Yaoi, Speed Grapher, Ayakashi, MSN, Time and Space, Drawing Manga, Anime Dubbed

OK – the bold html has officially screwed up my page, it wont let me delete it! :S

Site Metre
I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of people who find my blog via Google are looking for ‘naughty pictures’ of maids. As far as I’m aware there aren’t any here…damn.

I wonder when it says ‘unknown country’ whether the penguins in Antartica have learned how to use the internet.
Gaia Online

What exactly is this madness? Should I join in?


A talking carrot spirit, I hope they’re not going to do what I think they’re going to do with it… (and they didn’t. Thank God.)

They’re all really feminine! Women who love this must secretly be lesbians. Yay, more ‘almost lesbians’ in the world equals a good thing.

Most amusing thing read in a manga “You won’t be able to ride a horse right now”. (Hell no!)

Speed Grapher

It won’t be the same without the Girls on Film (listen here) intro music. :(


The full version of the Rhymester intro ‘Heat Island’ is pretty damn cool (listen here).


Is it ok to end a conversation with: “I have to go and watch some anime now.”? :)
Any girls out there desparate to star in a live remake of a tentacle hentai? No?! *Me Neither.*

Time and Space

Has anyone calculated the total number of hours required to watch every episode, film, OVA of anime in the world? Taking into consideration and including the exponential increase of anime released while watching it all. @[email protected] How much space would be required to house every single anime dvd ever released…

Drawing Manga

How long is it going to take me to learn how to ink sketches well? Which programmes do I use to create/modify manga art on the computer? Will I ever get published? Probably not, *dies*.

Anime Dubbed

I’ve never seen a dubbed anime ever, wondering which languages would make the most amusing dubs…Russian perhaps…or Czech?