More theme cafes! Cat Cafe vs. Nun Cafe costumes


As reported on Animenewsnetwork here. More exciting theme cafes are appearing in Japan! So I though I’d check out the costumes and decide which were cutest! *^_^*

Website for the Cat Cafe here.

Website for the Nun Cafe here. Pictures here.
Cat Cafe Costumes

Orange or pink? The orange seems more cat-like. Like a baby tiger! the tales are soooo cute and I love the little ribbon that pulls in at the waist, kawai! :)

It looks great sitting down! I wish there was a Cat Cafe in London, but I guess if there was they’d probably want to employ Japanese girls rather than European girls? Although I’ve not met a Japanese girl yet who actually likes anime, not that i’ve met many!

Nun Cafe Costume

This costume does not appeal to me because the white lines on the front make it look like you have no curves on your figure at all, the white stocking are cool though! Is it just me who is concerned this girl is a bit too thin?

So the Cat Cafe costume wins…I wonder how many anime characters there are with cat ears in total that I could choose from to cosplay?

2 thoughts on “More theme cafes! Cat Cafe vs. Nun Cafe costumes

  1. That is a weak nuns costume.. looks more like a nurse for my liking. If you’re gonna go religious fetish, you’ve got to go full on nuns headgear ala sound of music.

    Something does seem kinda wrong about having nuns wait on you though. Well, more wrong than neko meido anyway (orange is definitely the better)

  2. Very Tiger-like that orange one.
    Shame about the white lines on the front – I must confess I’ve not seen any nuns walking round near the cathederal next to the studio dressed like that… I don’t think it would suit the 60+ year old nuns though.

    (does not write one single “bad habbit” joke…)

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