Kurau Phantom Memory クラウ ファントムメモリー 1:Toward The Vast World


The story is set on the moon, during 2100. Kurau lives with her father and what seems to be a maid Ella. Kurau’s father takes her to work with him, and they witness a reaction in the plant. However, the reaction is unusual and two brightly coloured spheres fly out of the reaction and enter into the body of Kurau. Her body splits into a million glowing fragments, and when she does reappear her entire body is glowing a golden colour and she is able to float through walls.

Her father is distressed when she reveals she is no longer Kurau but Rynax, and that the other sphere, it’s other half, lies asleep within Kurau’s body.Only then will there be a possibility that they can leave Kurau’s body. Despite the fact that Kurau as Rynax has super human physical abilities, her father accepts her as his own daughter.

Jumping 10 years into the future, Rynax is working as an agent, and we see her use her super human abilities to walk through walls, disintegrate to scope out a room, and fight a machine, in order to recover some data. Despite still being Rynax she is known to the outside world as Kurau, nicknamed “Daredevil Kurau” for her dangerous missions.

Rynax seems hardened as a 22 year old girl yet she still longs for her pair, and at the end of the episode it seems her pair has awakened…

Main Characters

Kurau’s Father

I liked his chracter because his stress at having first lost his wife, and now his difficulty in coming to terms with accepting Rynax as still being his daughter, is apparent in the artwork. Especially here:


Initially I found her character design too boyish, but after the transformation it was easier to accept Kurau as an ‘alien’ as a result of her unique look.

The transformation sequence was beautiful.

The moment she floats through glass was particularly lovely.

…and this is just so cute I’m going to have to sketch it. I love the cat.

Normal little girls don’t climb up to great heights…@[email protected]

Her new look when she’s more mature is much better, glad they haven’t retained too much cuteness and gone for action girl.

And she has a dark attitude – I like it!

This is probably my favourite image.

Rynax, feeling alone without her pair.


Hovering cars! love the shiny blue.

Evil robot (powered by an agent inside).

Virtual Screens.


The world on/under the moon, where Kurau lives.

The Factory where Kurau’s father works.

The city in 2110 where Rynax is an agent. love the rock type buildings.

The city at night.

Other Art

Pretty rainbow…

Beautiful reaction that send golden spheres towards Kurau.

Gorgeous greeny yellow hues.

Comical agent inside the evil robot.

Kurau flying at nightime alone.

Emotional as the pair awakens within her after ten years.

Ending Song

“Moonlight” by Yukari Katsuki. This sounded really pretty. Girl echoey voices with violins, piano, adorable.
“Moonlight” by Yukari Katsuki

Love the ending artwork, she looks so lost.

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  1. Ah Kurau The Phantom Memory is such a great series. It’s really a touching and beautiful story with some great animation

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