Kogepan こげぱん :1-10, episodes, merchandise and cute plushie photos!

“I wonder what happiness is for a loaf of bread?”
Story (Is it possible to have spoilers for an anime about a burnt loaf of bread?)

Kogepan is a simple but cute series of 4 minute animations about a depressed little loaf of bread (made in 2001).

Introduction music: a cute little number, a bit ‘clanger-ish’, short and sweet.

End music: a french jolly accordian!

Episode 1

Milk = alcohol for bread!

Episode 2

Unburnt bread laugh at burnt Kogepan and his friend then beat them up. :'(

Episode 3

What not to say to fresh young bread. Part of the joy of this anime are the voices, you have to watch it to hear the high pitched squeaky sounds of the bread rolls, it’s just too cute!

Episode 4

Kogepan has lots of friends. Charcoal pan gives them coffee. It’s strong stuff!

Episode 5

The origin of Kogepan: it’s a lot funnier with the organ music.

Episode 6

Kogepan wishes he had never been burnt, but everything he tries goes wrong.

Bread has issues too!

Episode 7

What are you doing Kogepan?!

Episode 8

It is possible (it seems) for bread to be really cute! Kawaine?!

Episode 9

Pretty Pan really likes Kogepan, and has a little plan. *Chu!*

Episode 10

Life goes on, the seasons change, and all bread’s breath looks white in the snow…

This is a cute anime, and I’m sure that Kogepan pictures would make great little emoticons for msn. The problem with Kogepan is although there are cute little metaphors, the story seems a little disjointed, and he just seems a bit too sad all the time. I guess I’m just the kind of person who wanted Kogepan gradually become psychotic and start throwing the other fresh bread back into the oven, I wanted to see what happened to bread if it drank strong coffee, and red bull! That said, strawberry pan was ridiculously cute, and it’s worth watching to practice reading the Japanese script that occurs before every picture to practice your reading and pronunciation skills, but the little girl inside my head wishes Pretty Pan and Kogepan had lived happily ever after. *_*
I had a little search on ebay for Kogepan merchandise, and these are some of the fun things I found:

(I think my family have suffered enough already, after receiving thank you letters from a 21 year old on Hamtaro writing paper…)

Even more fun, are these plushie photos, here are my favourites:

More pictures like this here.

Must resist temptation to buy Kogepan bag and buy something more sensible to carry my university books in…I mean…my Gizmo the Gremlin bag is much more grown up…:S

13 thoughts on “Kogepan こげぱん :1-10, episodes, merchandise and cute plushie photos!

  1. Hey, cute is cute. I’m sure your parents love getting Hamtaro stuff in the mail. Although, a more obscure character would give the paper less of a stigma. :D

    Kogepan really reminds me of the Japanese salamander from Pani Poni. I wonder if it’s a coincidence!?

  2. Kogepan is a really delightful little oddity. Hard to find, but worth the effort if you do! I don’t think I’ve been so entertained by a series whose themes are so trivial and everyday. A great story about a mere loaf of bread – who’d have thought it?

    That plushie would look great perched on top of my monitor though…

  3. Bread has issues too.
    I’d like to watch this one. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to grab a drunken bit of bread before and give it a hug.


  4. I love kogepan.His stories are useful for everyone who think worthless themselves.I have a lot of Kogepan dolls in my bedroom.If someone want to see their pictures..you can mail to me.Bye

  5. Oh I feel so sorry for him. I read his origin and it’s so sad that he got thrown back in the oven.
    I love the pictures with him everywhere.
    I’m a Mikan Bouya person myself.

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