Great Teacher Onizuka 1: Tohru Fujisama

I love this manga! Onizuka may be a punk with mad hair, who sits next to excalators looking up girl’s skirts, and he may go into teaching for all the wrong reasons, but you get the feeling his heart’s in the right place, and as the story unravels your feelings are proved right. Favourite moment is where the students from his class who try to blackmail him are dunked in the river, and his resultant promotion. Nanako is a likeable chracter, and again you like her even more for her faults. I really want to read the next manga, and see how Onizuka’s character develops :)

There is an anime of this?! Must check that out sometime too *^_^*

One thought on “Great Teacher Onizuka 1: Tohru Fujisama

  1. The entire GTO anime is in the library 43eps, and the first editions of many manga will be in the SOAS library too (one I’ve they’ve arrived) :-)

    I put a block up with your blog on our site, if that’s ok?

    if you press ALT + ` or ~ it switches quickly between hiragana and english. (even though you’re in japanese)

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