Full Metal Panic Overload 1

Lots of explosions and poor character design. As Sosuke swears to protect Kaname Chidori in a quite spectacular fashion, with no awareness of how ‘normal’ people behave. Overall underaverage romp.

I’m Late!: holding a piece of toast is a cliche image for a late person in anime/manga
Wakadaisho series, Yuzo Kayamai: an actor and singer in the 1960s, movie star was in aforementioned series.
Koppepan: bread, sometimes with a slit down the middle with cream.
Suikawari: summertime game where you crack open a watermelon with a stick while blindfolded. Funny picture here.
Yukata: clothes worn to a summer festival.
Takoyaki: octopus in batter ball shaped. Sold by street vendors and sit down restaurants in Osaka.