Freesia フリージア Volume 1: Jiro Matsumoto

“Something that you can’t remember…but it’s nothing important…”


Hiroshi Kano lives in a the future, Japan is at war, and a new law has been introduced called ‘Proxy Enforcement of the Vengeance Act’, which allows people to take revenge on murderers, either themselves or hiring a proxy. Kano is offered a job as one of these enforcers, recommended for the job by a girl in the department who knows more about Kano’s past then he does. What makes Kano a good killer? Where does he recognise Higuchi from? Why does he hallucinate? What did he really do during the war?

Freesia falls into all sorts of categories: a disturbing psychological, thriller, very violent with dark humour. It contains explicit sexual scenes, which although relevant to the plot, may offend you if you do not wish to see really disturbing scenes.

Characters (Spoilers beyond this point)

Kano is an interesting character right from the start with his hallucinations and his claim that he senses danger.

Higuchi is our key to understanding Kano’s past, she doesn’t reveal much till the very last chapter, and it’s so shocking! She has the job of informing criminals they are on the vengeance list. I didn’t guess the twist…

Keiko is Kano’s girlfriend, she gets turned on by being fucked over his psychotic ill mother, and does all sorts of other stuff to gain attention! The scenes are more than disturbing, I rarely feel that uncomfortable looking at a piece of paper.

Mizoguchi is an enforcer on the outside and a hunter in his mind. The contrast between the sex scenes of Kano/Keiko and himself are what underlines the distance in pyschology between him and Kano.

Yamada also took the exam to become an enforcer, but he’s a special type of weird – he memorized the entire ‘Vengeance Act’ cover to cover, and fights to ‘defend the good’, he’s not going to last long out there. Mizoguchi takes an instant dislike to him *giggles*…

Art Theme

I love the crows in this manga. At first they reminded me of Serial Experiments Lain, then they represented a whole new theme, the darkness of Kano…

The above is one of my favourites.

I like surprises…

If you’ve read the manga you’ll know what I’m referring to with this picture.

This was a turning point for me in the manga – there’s something so strange about Kano, plus I love weird assasin stuff, and the look on Mizoguchi’s face, fantastic!

Another example of the distance between Mizoguchi and Kano, he is disturbed.

Nothing is as it seems, no loyalty where money is involved.

Favourite Page Art

Kano wont phone the ambulance for Mizoguchi, so Mizoguchi turns on him, endangering his own life…

I also enjoyed, the repeated ramblings to hallucinated people, the random breakdown of Kano’s character as he curls up on the floor and speaks nonsense, and his complete detatchment from his girlfriend. He is missing some ‘normal’ reactions as a human being , he is far too calm. The little touches such as the little coupons he is saving and strange conversations with his mother, give this the everyday touches it needs to work. I thought Mizoguchi’s reaction to his car being messed up was funny, like Ray Elwood seeing his car in Buffalo Soldiers! *^_^*
The art has been compared to Tsutomu Nihei in terms of sketchy feel and style, but it is in no way equal to his general background quality or imagination.
Overall, I would recommend this to people who don’t mind beind a little shocked by sexual/violent themes, like their manga realistic, but also people who like the weird psychological backdrop to characters such as Lain from Serial Experiments Lain, or assassin characters.
I was a bit wary about how to review this, some of the sexual art was good and surprisingly relevant but I’m not putting pictures up because it’s a bit too explicit!!

3 thoughts on “Freesia フリージア Volume 1: Jiro Matsumoto

  1. Sounds like a hot concept.. altho I am a picture whore and I can’t say the artwork does a lot for me.

    I do however, love the fact that you’re out here reviewing manga though. It’s always tough to figure out what to check out given the huge selection

  2. Well I read alot of it before I saw this review, i’m glad though, I can actually say somthing. Yeah, from what I read, Kano is pretty hardcore, like when he shot the womans hand. I was like, wow.. From what I read, I have liked it soo far.

  3. i disagree i think jiro’s artwork is good.
    reminds me of hiroaki samura’s although not quite as detailed.

    i like the sketchy, but anatomically accurate style.

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