Eramentar Gerad OST: Kajiura Yuki and others.

Erementar Gerad OST has 35 tracks.

It starts off sounding like Kajiura Yuki is trying to do happy/military and doesn’t quite get it right, so skip the first 6 tracks and start off listening to track 7 which is where it starts to get darker and the composer seems to be in her element. Overall I found this mainly skippable, some game type music and under average pop, but worth a listen for the following tracks by Kajiura Yuki.
Notable tracks
7: Kaimasu Meirei. Mp3

This is the track that made me stop and listen, it’s dark and dramatic! Awesome strings, flutes and a little triangle, I love this! Favourite track.
8. Bijo to Yajuu.

Love the percussion in this, again dark and builds up well, then kind of dies.

11. Chigiri ~ Reverie Metherlence

Acoustic Guitar, then a minute and a half in beautiful choral (Noir the anime feel).

13. Koushu Kairiudo

Echoey then elctric guitars and jazzy flute.

15. Kasukanari Aogi no Sai

Another choral number – again like Noir.

22. Sakki…!!

Pounding, heartbeat, within fear.

23. Sensen Fukoku

Powerful brass, cymbals mysterious like Batman music.

26. Kimi wo Tsurete Iku…


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  1. Kasukanari Aogi no Sai was my favourite thing about that anime, in fact the only thing that made it bearable… awesome track

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