Damekko Doubutsu だめっこどうぶつ (Useless Animals) 5-8

“The useless ones are smiling at each other!”
I’m never going to have indepth things to say about this show because 1. the episodes are 3:30 minutes long and 2. my motivations to watch them are to make me smile and make ‘Eee’ noises. I’m simply blogging them as a record of my favourite images becuase I don’t have a complete photographic memory!

I wonder if one day humans will have a chip in their brains that allow us to improve the way we record and retrieve memories and replay them visually. Would that be a healthy volume of information for an anime fan who is trying to hoard all the anime they had ever seen in the safest place of all? Anyway, I’m rambling, which is never a good thing…
Favourite images
5 – The Black Demon At The Edge Of The Forest

Poor Uruno doesn’t want to meet the monster!

Oh no!

Luckily it’s only Peganosuke, the pegasus. Even so, I wish all the characters were just cute a furry, I’m not a fan of horse/unicorn creatures, I think perhaps it’s the hooves and lack of fur. I wanted it to be a huge furry bat!

The useless ones are smiling at each other. *Giggles*.

6 – My First Friend

It’s adorable how useless animals can talk so easily to each other…

…and make the world seem a happier place. <3

7 – The Green Tragedy

Happiness…is a present from a friend! kawaiiiiiii.

We should share…or should we? Uruno with a split personality, I love it! Hehe. This is my favourite image.

8 – The Talented Youngster and the Family of Cat Girls

Trouble with cats on the lookout…they fall asleep! The three new cat characters from left to righ are Pigu-chan the puma, Rinku-chan the mountain cat and Kuron-chan the panther.

Silly Uruno..asking for something from that rabbit. Cute though!

My favourite of these episodes was definately ‘The Green Tragedy’. Uruno trying to decisde what to do was just so funny! Poor thing.
Well I’m thoroughly cuted up now. I suppose I should go and read my history book and do some ‘real’ work…