Damekko Doubutsu だめっこどうぶつ (Useless Animals) 1-4

Wasn’t feeling too wonderful this morning, and what better than a dose of kawai Damekko Doubutsu to cheer me up?! :)


Damekko Doubutsu is exactly what it sounds like. A bunch of useless animals in the forest, that don’t match their steriotypes. A wolf that can’t catch a bunny, a cheetah who falls over all the time, an evil unicorn, a smoking bunny and more! The story focuses on the adventures of Uruno the useless wolf character. At just 5 minutes an episode (that’s including the 1:30 min intro music) it’s a quick enjoyable watch!
Intro music and pictures

Sekai de Ichiban Boku ga Suki – Ryoko Shintani (listen to the full version here. More bouncy music by Ryoko Shintani here, I like ‘Sweet Summer’ best).

I love this intro, I’m quite happy to watch it all the way through and bounce along. In fact, the steel drum music in the background of the anime is just so cute I find myself bouncing side to side to it and grinning every episode… *^_^*


Usahara – kick ass rabbit.

Uruno – useless wolf. He seriously needs a cuddle.

Takaoka – short-sighted owl.

Chiiko – clumsy cheetah.

Yunihiko – evil unicorn.

Kumanee – trading brown bear.

Kumakawa – genius dancing bear.

Favourite pictures

I felt so sorry for Uruno I wanted to rush in there and help him find some white clover.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! Kawai :)

Overall, something cute to make you happy. I relaly want to grab Uruno out of the screen and keep him as a pet! The only thing I’m not keen on is when their faces sometimes turn to human style, I really prefer the animal faces!

The Damekko Doubutsu website has the cutest map feature on it!

I want big cuddly soft toy versions of Usaharu and Uruno, there were little soft toys released with the dvd, but not very big!

I’m going to watch ‘Garfield:The Movie’ now…oh I’m feeling so grown up today ;)

4 thoughts on “Damekko Doubutsu だめっこどうぶつ (Useless Animals) 1-4

  1. I saw all of DD a few months ago, it’s 1 of my faves now. I uploaded eps 23-26 on YouTube for everyone to watch since only 1-22 were available, lol

  2. I’m pretty sure there is such a thing as an overdose of “cuteness.” First your face turns red, then a little mushroom cloud explodes from your head, then you fall over….and it’s over. Good thing their only 5 min episodes.

  3. Wow, I checked out thi blog when you started, and you certainly keep up with posting ^_^ One wonders how you get the timeto do so many posts per day (well, I guess its not too difficult being an arts student and all *runs away from fear of being hit*

    Well, it’s good to see UK anime bloggers ^_^. Sometimes I get tired of reading American blogs. Anime needs a good stiff upper lip sometimes.

    Oh, btw – Sake is quite an aqcuired taste- a bit like diluted vodka. Personally, I don’t really like it much, but its really useful for cooking.

    Oh, and you (like me) really need to find a wordpress theme that supports excerpts, so you can see lots of entries per page instead of having to scroll down really long blog posts to see the next ones.


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