Brave Story: Trailers, Figurines and why I’m so excited about it…

Ever since I saw the trailer for Brave Story 6 months ago I’ve been looking forward to its English subbed release, and for that matter, waiting for some magical force to transport me to Japan so I can see it…because clearly I was born in the wrong country.
The website is here. The scrolling pictures under the main picture are all links to wmp trailers!
Reasons to be excited

A fantasy with a dark twist and unique looking creatures.

‘Juno Reactor’ music featured in the film (after the intro ‘Guardian Angel’ for Texhnolyze I have high expectations).

There’s a dragon type creature in it, and I love dragons!

It has incredibly cute merchandise that I want now, even before I’ve seen the film…


Brave Story is due for release in Japan on July 8th, hopefully it’ll be hitting American shores soon since Warner Brothers have secured the theatrical rights. They’re waiting to see how well it does in Japan before commiting to a release.

Did anyone catch Brave Story when it was screened at Cannes in May?

2 thoughts on “Brave Story: Trailers, Figurines and why I’m so excited about it…

  1. It’s interesting that I came across your blog here. Much like you, but not quite, as I saw the movie poster and a PSP commercial for it while I was in Japan in July, I haven’t seen the movie yet. (I live in California though.) I believe that according to the blog on or whatever the main site’s address is, they’re recording the english version now in Burbank at the Warner Bros. studio. It’s kind of wierd though, considering the DVD that’s coming out on Nov. 23rd will also include English subs as a choice.

    Have you had a chance to check out all the rest of the Brave Story stuff, like the novels and manga? *curious* =)

  2. I didn’t know there was novels and manga! I’ll try ad hunt them down ^_^ I was disappointed i hadn’t seen/ am not aware of a fansub. I’ll get the dvd if it has English subtitles that’s great! If I really like the film I’ll have to get some of the figurines too as they are so cute!

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