Black Lagoon ブラックラグーン 5: Eagle Hunting and Hunting Eagles


Storyline (Spoilers)

Rock finds the painting on the submarine, and we learn that after the SS Agent shot the captain he was involved in a shoot out btween other members of the crew. Revy wants to loot as much as possible before they leave and this results in a clash of ideals between Rock and herself. We learn a little more about Revy, and how she sees the world emotional bullshit vs. guns and money.
The Aryan Socialist Union (they sing…do they dance to?) boat lowers a Suicide Corp to the submarine and a gun fight ensues where Rock loses possession of the painting and Kruppen Feller escapes with it. Rock and Revy swim after it to the surface, while Benny and Dutch look on helpless, knowing they will be gunned down in the water. They miraculously survive and make it back to the boat (I mean our heros can’t die yet!) and we’re left with another cliffhanger before they make chase…


Rock – talking to a corpse, I like it! If i apologise to the corpses maybe they will forgive me…

It dawns on him that Revy will kill him if he gets in her way.

Revy – epitomises greed.

Revy somehow looking sexy with a skull and a Nazi cross. Sums up her material attitude nicely. Favourite image.

Benny – he just had to be Jewish to fit the storyline didn’t he? *rolls eyes*

Kruppen Feller – the heads of the Aryan Socialists are full of snot, who’d have thought?! I hope he dies soon.

Other Art

Overall, I enjoyed this episode more than the last because of the contrast between Rock and Revy, but I do want to grab Rock and shake him and tell him to smile at the end of the episode!

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