Black Lagoon ブラックラグーン 4: The Return of the Eagle (Die Ruckkehr des Alders

“Are you saying that you can’t stop the setting sun?

Storyline (Spoilers)

In 1945 a German attack submarine was attacked and sunk on it’s mission to Batavia (Jakarta). An SS Agent is on board was transporting a ‘package’ which turns out to be the painting “The Twelve Knights led by Brunhilda”, an important symbol of hope to the Nazi’s time of crisis.
Back in the present day, Rock happens to mention to Dutch that he went scuda-diving once, so Dutch accepts a job from a collector of Nazi art to recover the painting from the sunk submarine. However retrieving the painting might be a little more difficult when Neo-Nazis appear on the scene…
Main Characters



Rock knew it was a bad idea to mention he’d been scuda diving once. Love the underwater artwork.

Do I look like an off-season Santa?” Dutch is super cool as always.

Major Venztel H Aabe

SS Agent

He really loves his country, an ironic loyalty it would seem.


Nazis have no eyes they see out of a black void. A little over the top perhaps?


IXC- type attack submarine U-1234


T.O.W. Tube launched, Optically guided, Wire-guided (U.S. anti-tank missile)

Setting The Scene

Outside Germany, at Navy base Kiel.

Captures the hopeless mood well.

Other Artwork

I love this, favourite image. So dark and brooding.

Not turtle soup! :'(

Overall I enjoyed this episode, but felt it was drawn out so they could create a cliffhanger. The depressed mood on board the submarine was drawn really well though.