Black Lagoon ブラックラグーン 2: Mangrove Heaven

This is hilarious, Rock so unhappy his company will kill him to destroy the disk, that he flings a gun into the ocean and starts kicking the torpedo can. *^_^*

Again, I love the character design, Dutch with the light glinting off his glasses, and even Benny is individual.

A head on game of chicken against the helicopter! Rock might turn out to be a bit mad and clever :D

Dutch: “We sure picked up one crazy son of a bitch.”

Wow, i love the shot where the torpedo has smashed through the glass into the helicopter, the look of surprise ^_^.

Dutch is so happy his sunglasses aren’t broken. This is so cool!

I love Rock being polite with the microphone, everyone please duck! (as Revi fires the rock launcher, hehe!)