Black Lagoon ブラックラグーン 1: The Black Lagoon

I love Black Lagoon! music is super cool; ending music is a bit poor, atmospheric and mysterious though.
OP – Red Fraction by MELL
ED – Don’t Look Behind By EDISON

I love the bit where Rokuro hides underneath a Torpedo. Revi/Levi is shaping up to be an ultra cool strong female character, she’s got a great attitude and the killings at the bar prove her skill.

Dutch is a good chracter design, especially when he sits on the boat with Rokuro, i like that Dutch is realistically physically bigger than Rokuro.

Benny is the computer hacker type person in the boat, haven’t seen much of him yet, maybe his chracter develops later on :)

Poor Rock being dumped by his company, and almost drunk under the table by a girl, just as well all those men burst in to try and kill them all ;)