Anime Screenings in London (Aug 18-21 2006) @ The National Film Theatre

The National Film Theatre will be screening the following (dates and times to be confirmed in July):

The Place Promised In Our Early Days (also being screened @ Barbican July 2nd see here and the trailer here – the FTP works, not sure about the HTTP).

Negadon: The Monster From Mars, Yonna In The Solitary Fortress (trailer for Negadon here – English, webside for Yonna here).

Tetsuji 28: The Movie (Live Action) (trailer here – Japanese).

Patlabor: The Movie (trailer here – English).

Mind Game (website here).

Area 88 Episodes 1-4 (Trailer here – English).

Karas (Trailer here – English, Website here).

Otakus in Love (website with trailer here).

Pom Poko (website here).

Spirited Away (website here).
I haven’t decided which of these I want to see on a big screen yet, but seeing Karas in a proper cinema theatre with a good sound system has got to be awesome. I played the intro about 10 times because I loved the powerful music so much. I’ll add a more comprehensive review of the films nearer the time.

Also: I love this Tetsujin 28 toy. Isn’t it cool?! I want one!!

4 thoughts on “Anime Screenings in London (Aug 18-21 2006) @ The National Film Theatre

  1. The trailers for NEGADON and TETSUJIN 28 look very cool indeed.
    The recent 40th anniversary remake of the Tetsujin anime was impressively downbeat and I had to get a fantastic metal figure of the Black Ox from the anime and the film. Note that the film is a live action remake, climaxing with giant CGI robots fighting in the streets.

    PATLABOR THE MOVIE has been recently remastered.

    The grabs from Otakus in Love look great – what;s the plot?

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