Anime Head Trip: Site Metre, Gaia Online, Yaoi, Speed Grapher, Ayakashi, MSN, Time and Space, Drawing Manga, Anime Dubbed

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Site Metre
I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of people who find my blog via Google are looking for ‘naughty pictures’ of maids. As far as I’m aware there aren’t any here…damn.

I wonder when it says ‘unknown country’ whether the penguins in Antartica have learned how to use the internet.
Gaia Online

What exactly is this madness? Should I join in?


A talking carrot spirit, I hope they’re not going to do what I think they’re going to do with it… (and they didn’t. Thank God.)

They’re all really feminine! Women who love this must secretly be lesbians. Yay, more ‘almost lesbians’ in the world equals a good thing.

Most amusing thing read in a manga “You won’t be able to ride a horse right now”. (Hell no!)

Speed Grapher

It won’t be the same without the Girls on Film (listen here) intro music. :(


The full version of the Rhymester intro ‘Heat Island’ is pretty damn cool (listen here).


Is it ok to end a conversation with: “I have to go and watch some anime now.”? :)
Any girls out there desparate to star in a live remake of a tentacle hentai? No?! *Me Neither.*

Time and Space

Has anyone calculated the total number of hours required to watch every episode, film, OVA of anime in the world? Taking into consideration and including the exponential increase of anime released while watching it all. @[email protected] How much space would be required to house every single anime dvd ever released…

Drawing Manga

How long is it going to take me to learn how to ink sketches well? Which programmes do I use to create/modify manga art on the computer? Will I ever get published? Probably not, *dies*.

Anime Dubbed

I’ve never seen a dubbed anime ever, wondering which languages would make the most amusing dubs…Russian perhaps…or Czech?

6 thoughts on “Anime Head Trip: Site Metre, Gaia Online, Yaoi, Speed Grapher, Ayakashi, MSN, Time and Space, Drawing Manga, Anime Dubbed

  1. I digging this kind of post.. feels all kind of Fox News gimmickish sans brainwashing. Hope it becomes a regular feature

    Course you’d need a more flashy name for it though (no suggestions from me — I got my own blog problems :))

  2. Hehe, I was going to call it Anime Head Trip, but i didn’t want to give people the mistaken idea that I was on drugs! *^_^*

  3. I like this kind of post too, I ramble like crazy, and I write like this too sometimes. A better title is needed, Anime Head Trip: (Content) would work well.

  4. Oh, and stay away from Gaia. It used to be good, now it will eat your soul, and spit it out, laughing. In short, you post in forums to buy clothes for a baby avatar. It’s really not that fun, I promise.
    (I do admit to playing it, long, long, long ago (we’re talking 5+ years here)

  5. corydorf… how could you’ve played it 5+ years when gaia’s been alive for 4 years? Well, soon to be 4 years. o.O

    Gaia is worth a try, there’s a lot of crazy bitches there, but if you stick to guilds, you’re generally satisfied… or not. But, one thing is for sure stay away from General Discussion, Chatterbox, and ED. Those forums scream assfaces. :B

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