Animal Yokocho アニマル横町: 8/35

15, Art Of Punch Lines: aaw when kenta freezes thinking he’ll never be popular. i’d go with hooligan over violent…haha! Kenta flying through space wanting to say the punchline *giggles*. Kenta starts to wither and disappear by not saying punchlines! Oh no! Lets surround him with gags till he can’t take it anymore! LOL.

haiku 3 lines, 5,7,5 syllable driven poem (I’d forgotten the ratio)
kuku times table
shukuhai toast…why didn’t i learn that in Japanese!?…useful…wonder if marmite is marmite in japanese…i wonder if they eat marmite in Japan? :S
shakuhachi bamboo flute

aaaw Iyo and Kenta in space, I love the way this jumps into another universe.

16, Aniyoko Word Games LOL when Issa’s face turns into Yamanami. poor thing, and the word games make no sense to me >still can’t remember what i went upstairs for >