Animal Yokocho アニマル横町: 3/35

5:Puzzle With A Punch: Joya no Kane: new years eve bell tolling. Lol this episode is funny, Ami’s despair at the rules or non existent rules of the Aniyoko puzzles that Iyo sets before Kenta can be turned back to normal. Poor issa covered in biting fish for no apparent reason!

6: Mystery Pot Party: May as well learn some vocab while i’m watching this!
ホログラム hologram.
秘密 [ひみつ] secret
人参 [にんじん] carrot
葱 [ねぎ] spring onion
白菜 [はくさい] chinese cabbage
南瓜 [かぼちゃ] Japanese squash
I’m glad they didn’t eat Iyo’s pet turtle!