Animal Yokocho アニマル横町: 12/35

23 Christmas: haha i liek the short break during the violent bits. Their santa claus sucks, swapping one present for another, at least then i might have got a rich child’s present *_* or none at all :S

24 Curing Insomnia:
羊 [ひつじ] – (n) sheep.
クレヨン crayon
Mentaiko (see picture) 明太子: Salted pollack or cod roe, spiced with powdered Chinese red pepper called togarashi (唐辛子). Surrounded by a thin, elastic membrane, mentaiko is usually pink to dark red.
Togarashi: Contains Chinese Chile, Orange peel, Seaweed, Ginger, Poppy seeds, and Sesame seeds.